Divine Architecture Studio, being an architectural firm in Dehradun, assists their clients in obtaining approvals for their architectural drawings from the local authority, MDDA (Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority). They facilitate this process by:

Divine architecture studio is a leading architectural consultancy firm of India having an experienced team of architects,interior designers and 3D visiualisers. The firm prides itself on unique design concepts and bold execution, while remaining responsive to clients diverse requirements. Divine architecture studio has successfully designed and executed works for clients ranging from hotels, commercial complex to residential buildings.Divine Architecture Studio's substantial experience and the well resourced team puts the firm in an enviable position of being better equipped to successfully deliver designs for jobs of any size nature and complexity.

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Compliance with Regulations

Ensuring that all architectural designs and plans adhere to the specific regulations and guidelines set by MDDA for Dehradun.

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Documentation Preparation

: Preparing and organizing all required documents, including architectural drawings, site plans, and any necessary permits, in a format that aligns with MDDA's submission requirements

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Submission and Follow-Up

Submitting the complete set of documents to MDDA on behalf of their clients and following up with the authority to track the progress of the approval process.

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Addressing Concerns

Addressing any queries or concerns raised by MDDA officials promptly and making necessary revisions to the drawings or documents, if required.

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Expertise and Experience

Leveraging their expertise as architects in Dehradun, Divine Architecture Studio uses their knowledge of local regulations and their experience in dealing with MDDA to navigate the approval process efficiently